how to make windows program that can get the fps of a separate directx program?

oh thought the download was timing out. no this was connection to the nextcloud timing out, i guess the download was taking too long.

also lol i see cloudflare using tailwind

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u ever come across a reddit argument with someone who is apparently braindead or something?

and pass the props through multiple components if that's the case... gaa what a mess of props

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geh, whenever i need a component to change the state of another component in react, i have to move the state up into the parent component and pass it as props to both.

right arrow curving left? isn't this more like a left arrow curving right? or a right arrow curving right?

why the hell am i still getting this error? all the mapped elements have keys. looks like it's coming from some a? there's no list in there wtf??

how much time do you spend on social media?

meh it's alright i guess. but i don't see why we simply can't just have properties "defined" as undefined so we can simplify code. isn't that the point of undefined? if you want to define something as nothing, that's what null is for.

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You would think setting an object property to undefined would be equivalent to not having set it. Cause you know, undefined is what you get when it's, well, not defined. But no, this breaks the mongodb query, so I have to make more complicated code.

lamp boosted the new ENERG standard includes hours of use now, basically every bulb maker is making dubai lamps because they've been getting away with overdriving the lamps and now they can't because they'd show up as an F or G rank instead of an A

why does oculus dash put itself so damn close to ur face

is there a way to change?

why does oculus rift get fucked up whenever i interact with the vrchat window in rift desktop

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