@lamp bruh how are they doing this? Its so damn cheap!

$34.99 / month
10 vCPU Cores
400 GB NVMe or 1.6 TB SSD
4 Snapshots
32 TB Traffic Unlimited Incoming

@Reno have seen some cpu steal time occasionally but that hasnt hindered anything. have been using for two years now, and well for the price it's 10/10. dunno why you'd use anything else

@[email protected] @[email protected] There are even better deals from php-friends.de. And they have minimal steal time too.

@[email protected] @[email protected] Their listed prices are VAT included. You need to knock 20% off for non-EU pricing.

@lamp I am using hetzner rn but it was sush a pain to get email ports unblocked. I might move over to these guys tbh

@[email protected] @[email protected] no, they usually don't, but newly registered account will be blocked for one month or something.

@lamp it’s mandatory for all new accounts. It’s actually quite dumb, they basically make you email them and tell them that your not gonna use the service for email spam lmao. So anyone can just lie, it’s quite useless and annoying for actual customers.

@lamp oh and you cant request for a full month after you get your service

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