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what the fuc, recaptcha wants me to try again three times, then the login page just reloads when i touch login, then i get this

So another thing I don't understand is, if pedophilia is specifically about pre-pubescent children up to 13, why do people call people involved with post-pubescent minors, pedophiles? Why is @amolith a pedophile for having a relationship with a 16-year-old? It may be immoral, but it's technically not pedophilia? Should he really be killed as well?

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fucking cheaters in prison escape now

i just noticed if u change post visibility from public to unlisted, the "Toot!" button changes to "Toot"

choose your stance



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also bruh these tooltips on element have NO border nor shadow and are the same color as the background :AreYouKidding:

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it's interesting cuz i cant see the red pixels with the rest of the text, but i don't see the pixels changing either; if i look closely i can see that those red subpixels are always there, but with the white text they are so hard to see and sorta just disappear, but with it obscured the red subpixels are so obvious. huh

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wow the tooltip obscures the text at the subpixel (?) and make red appear

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